Machinery sales and distribution in the Commonwealth of Independent States
Do you want to sell your equipment in CIS? We have 20 years of experience and a dealership network.

Full cycle promotion of your products on the market.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Ukraine

About us
Machinist Oy Ltd providing sales and promotion solutions for construction equipment and supplies manufacturers since 2004. We build sales, distribution and technical support network on foreign ground for factories producing technologies and construction equipment.

We work in close cooperation with customers and partners; We are the experts in business formation for foreign companies willing to enter or expand sales in CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Ukraine). We offer an established network that allows machinery manufacturers and factories to distribute products in these markets; optimize export formalities; establish equipment and spare parts supply; concure local end-users and customers.

Thereby, our company is here to offer our technical network, support your marketing and sales activities to maximize your benefits.

CIS countries are fast-growing markets with well-established economies. These countries have steady development in Civil construction, Oil & Gas sectors, Mining and Metallurgic industries, ensuring perspectives for trade and cooperation.

We provide equipment to the companies working in the industries shown above.
Machinist Oy Ltd works as an official dealer, reseller or independent agent for machinery and construction equipment.

One of the examples of our successful cooperation is our 18 years of cooperation with Movax. The company is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of excavator-mounted pile drivers. Long-term relationships allow great things to happen for the business.
Another long-term partner is Dutch company Dieseko Group. The company is a manufacturer of vibratory hammers. Working together for 14 years, we have sold almost 100 units of this brand.

Our partnership with Junttan started a few years ago but it's been already very productive. Junttan Oy designs and manufactures hydraulic piling equipment.
Machinist has sold more than 260 units of equipment and established an efficient and locally well-known dealer and technical support network. We are selling new units and provide spare parts supply for local end-users. Corporate business process integration and technical information flow from end-users to engineering allows continuous innovation for product development and manufacturing.

Used Equipment
If you are looking for a solution for your projects, one of the used equipment we keep in stock could be an answer to your need. If you tell us what kind of work you are going to do, we can choose together the equipment and equip it with the correct accessories and tools, or even modify it through our modernization process. The used equipment always comes with a certain guarantee and it’s even possible to extend it with the wanted period and component level. If buying a used machine is not what you want, we can offer also Rental or Leasing option.
Exhibition schedule
You can find us at the following countries and expos:
Big 5 Construct Saudi
Atyrau Oil & Gas
OGU Uzbekistan
Caspian Oil & Gas
Mongolia Mining

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We help, manufacturers and companies to establish, grow and succeed in the Central Asia and Caucasus countries. We connect our clients to local customers and showcase their products at the best exhibitions in the region.
Our online platform for advanced training in ground construction and piling methods. The platform offers comprehensive training and certification in modern industry techniques, utilizing Finland's expertise and online infrastructure.
Join us for our monthly webinars! We are excited to offer you a valuable learning opportunity each month, where industry experts will share their insights and knowledge on a variety of topics. Leave us a message below to join the next webinar.
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